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You can conveniently browse these countries to find an exhibition scheduled in its cities. The 'Exhibition By Country' section has a list of exhibitions, listed country wise. Find a base to your business or artistic excellence by being country specific.

Select the country alphabetically, to find the city and browse through the exhibitions that meet your interests. Get all the information on the exhibition you plan to be a part of.

Event organizers can also browse the countries to find venue for their prospective event and make an easy hire with Exhibitioncentrehotels. Exhibitioncentrehotels has a wide approach that covers various industries and exhibition organised all around the world. You can plan to participate or get visibility in your niche with the assistance of this section.

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Events Calendar
November  2014
29-Nov-2014 to 29-Nov-2014
United Kingdom
NDC London 2014
1-Dec-2014 to 5-Dec-2014
United Kingdom
Simply Christmas 2014
28-Nov-2014 to 30-Nov-2014
United Kingdom
Olympia Exhibition Centre  
The Scottish Exhibition and Conference Centre SECC  
Business Design Centre