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'Exhibitions By Industry' section makes it easy to browse through the industries and find an exhibition. You get exhibitions with a more focused approach on the industry to which the exhibition is related. A search for exhibitions in this section brings a huge list of events by the industry name. Sharpen your results on an industry, by clicking on a particular category of industry.

Each category of industry has exhibitions from various cities all around the world. Reach the event of your interest anywhere on the globe, with complete details of its venue, exhibition, to the information on when the event sparks off.

This section further refines your results with its country, city, month and year search boxes. Specify the time when you look forward to the event and take your plans further to join the event. Keep yourself informed of the exhibitions taking place in your industry, by browsing the latest updates from all around the world.

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June  2016
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Jimmy Carr 2015
8-Aug-2015 to 8-Aug-2015
United Kingdom
New Designers Expo 2015
24-Jun-2015 to 27-Jun-2015,1-Jul-2015 to 4-Jul-2015
United Kingdom
Ramdan Night Market 2015
2-Jul-2015 to 11-Jul-2015
United Arab Emirates