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Browse this list of organisers and find exhibition that is soon to be organised. You get complete information about the organiser, its country, and its address along the contact details. You get recent exhibitions on the schedule of these organisers.

The top search boxes make it convenient for you to specify a country, and browse the organisers of a specific country. You can also specify an industry and restrict your organisers list to an industry. So with this section, stock any organiser and follow its event plans.

Make your search easy with an organiser specific approach to your pursuit. Several organisers are a part of Exhibitioncentrehotels’s excellence. You can pick just any that carries your interest ahead. These organisers arrange creative exhibitions, business exhibitions, trade shows, conferences and workshops.

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Indigo 2015
8-Sep-2015 to 10-Sep-2015
CBME China 2015
22-Jul-2015 to 24-Jul-2015
Summer Festival 2015
25-Jul-2015 to 25-Jul-2015
United Kingdom