Digital Revolution 2014

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Venue : Barbican Centre

Country : United Kingdom

Address : Silk Street, London, England - EC2Y 8DS

Industry : Art

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Digital Revolution 2014 will celebrate and explore the transformation of different forms of art through digital technology since 1970. Attracting various artists, designers, film makers, game developers and musicians, the event will feature some impressive as well as interactive art works. Grab this opportunity to interact and meet popular artists including Usman Haque, Chris Milk, Paul Franklin, Fred Deakin and Nitipak ’Dot’ Samsen. Enjoy screen shadow play based on death, rebirth and life. Participate and jam with people during an interactive audio-visual piece which creates new musical arrangements. Be a part of digital creativity and secure a stay with one of the premium accommodations near Barbican Centre Silk Street in London. Avail best lodging deals at exhibitioncentrehotels.

Industry Sector
Digital Art
Event Profile
Digital Revolution 2014 at Barbican Centre in London will explore and celebrate the transformation in different fields of art via digital technology. Explore some impressive and interactive art works by leading artists.
Opening 03-Jul-2014 : Closing 14-Sep-2014

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Art Gallery:
10:00–18:00 hrs

Art Gallery (Bank Holidays):
12:00–18:00 hrs

The Curve
11:00–20:00 hrs

The Curve (Bank Holidays):
12:00–20:00 hrs