Dubai Sports World 2015

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Venue : Dubai World Trade Centre (World Trade Club)

Country : United Arab Emirates

Address : Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai Central Business District Dubai, UAE - 0000

Industry : Sports

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The renowned event for sports lovers will soon be back in action. Dubai Sports World (DSW) 2015 will offer a month of sportiness and exercises for everyone. It will feature training ground for football, basketball, rugby and beach volleyball. Attend fitness boot camps and yoga classes during the event. Explore varied fitness and wellness programs designed for kids and adults. Talented youngsters will find a way to craft their skills with top sports academies, membership communities and clubs. Participate in grind boxes, rails, fun boxes, mini-ramp obstacles and much more to test your skills. Be a part of street skateboarding classes for beginners as well as for skaters who want to improve their skills. Mark your presence at this event and secure lodgings with hotels close to DWTC. Exhibitioncentrehotels offers a variety of accommodations near the venue.

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Sports Event
Event Profile
Dubai Sports World (DSW), the largest recreational event will commence at Dubai World Trade Centre (DWTC) in 2015. It will feature popular sports, fitness & wellness sessions for everyone.
Opening 21-Jun-2015 : Closing 29-Aug-2015

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