Dubai World Hospitality Championship 2014

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Venue : Dubai World Trade Centre (World Trade Club)

Country : United Arab Emirates

Address : Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai Central Business District Dubai, UAE - 0000

Industry : Business Services

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Dubai World Hospitality Championship 2014 will carry forward the legacy of emirate’s hospitality. Grab this inevitable opportunity to associate and build strong business contacts with peers in hospitality sector. Featuring a series of competitions, activities and programs, the show will attract hospitality professionals from various Arab countries and world. Relish local flavours and ingredients at Homemade Product competition showcasing Gulf Cooperation Council’s rich heritage. Envelop yourself in the distinguish aroma of perfumes, oud and incenses, reflecting the creativity of Arab hospitality. Watch the international chefs competing to prove their skills in culinary world. Visitors planning to be a part of this grand competition can secure a stay with one of the finest lodgings close to Dubai World Trade Centre. Select from an extensive array of budget and luxury accommodations in vicinity of the venue at Exhibitioncentrehotels. Kids between 7 to 15 years of age can decorate cupcakes, arrange dining tables and make sandwiches or snacks at Kids Competition.

Industry Sector
Hospitality Championship
Event Profile
Dubai World Hospitality Championship 2014 will be dedicated to hospitality industry in Emirates. Participate in interesting activities, competitions and programs during the show.
Opening 30-Oct-2014 : Closing 01-Nov-2014

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