Eastcoast Boys-‘Big Girls Don’t Cry’

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Venue : The O2- London

Country : United Kingdom

Address : Peninsula Square, Greenwich, London, England - SE10 0AX

Industry : Entertainment

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The Eastcoast Boys after tasting success for five years will now be back on stage with an exceptionally special tribute to ‘Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons’. The show ‘Big Girls Don’t Cry’ will kick off at O2 arena in November 2015. The legendary band members who rose to stardom in 1960s will witness a grand tribute show from the band. Enjoy enticing performance by The Eastcoast Boys as they replicate the aura of The Four Season. Witness Jonathan Vickers as Frankie Valli, Bradley Clarkson as Nick Massi, David Hinton-Gale as Bob Gaudio & Liam Lakin as Tommy DeVito. Relive the past musical moments as the boys sings from a repertoire including ‘ Silhouttes’,  ‘Sherry’, ‘Walk Like A Man’ and many more. Visitors can easily book a stay with one of the finest lodgings opposite to O2 Arena at Exhibitioncentrehotels.

Industry Sector
Music Concert
Event Profile
The Eastcoast Boys will soon route to London for its show ‘Big Girls Don’t Cry’. The event will be in tribute to the legendary band ‘Frankie Valli and The Four Season’.
Opening 20-Nov-2015 : Closing 20-Nov-2015

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Doors Open at:
19:00 hrs

Event Tickets:
£36.30 to £48.50