Education Innovation Conference and Exhibition

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Venue : Manchester Central Convention Complex(G-Mex)

Country : United Kingdom

Address : Petersfield, Manchester, Lancashire, England - M2 3GX

Industry : Education

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Education Innovation Conference and Exhibition 2014 is a national educational conference for people from U.K education sector. Organized to bring inspirational practitioners and leaders together on a common platform, they will share their opinions and experiences here. Educational professionals will talk on the ideas, advices, CPD training, discuss n plans to integrate technology into learning, and develop a fast-paced learning process. This big educational event is for experts looking forward to share their ideas and sharing advices, to people for willing to learn a more refined and fast methods of imparting learning, supported by technology. This event will be just as much a support for you, if you are a learning provider from college, school or any university. And its relevance is for every educational institution, across government run, private owned, charity led or academy supported establishments. This event is ramified into three themes, dealing with leadership, infrastructure and learning & teaching. Book a stay with one of the hotels near G-Mex, and stay on a close proximity to the venue. Easily travel in for the event, by staying in the vicinity. Exhibitioncentrehotels will help you in spotting and booking the right lodging. 

Industry Sector
Educational Conference
Event Profile
Education Innovation Conference and Exhibition 2014 is for everyone from educational sector of U.K. Join the event to get advices, CPD training and know how to harmonise technology with education, and improve learning for students.
Opening 27-Feb-2014 : Closing 28-Feb-2014

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Event Timings on 27th February:
09:30 to 19:00 hrs

Event Timings on 27th February:
09:30 to 16:00 hrs

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