Fakes and Forgeries 2015

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Venue : Royal Armouries Museum

Country : United Kingdom

Address : Armouries Dr, Leeds LS10 1LT, United Kingdom - LS10 1LT

Industry : Machinery

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The Royal Armouries Museum will play host for the seminar on ‘Fakes and Forgeries’ in March 2015. The seminar will accentuate on the phenomenon of Gothic Revival of 19th century when demand for medieval armours was increasing. This distortion in position of equilibrium is said to bring-in production of fake armours. It will display some of wonderful fakes produced to meet the rising demands that time. Delegations from across the globe will be allowed to handle and analyse some of museum’s most outstanding fakes. Get to know more about treasured fakes and study how they may be recognized. Book a stay with accommodations near Royal Armouries Museum to save on commuting time. Browse through Exhibitioncentrehotels for best online deals close to venue and secure payment options. Attend the seminar to know more about finest objects from dignified and experienced Curator Emeritus Karen Watts and Ian Bottomley.

Industry Sector
Armour Exhibition
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Seminar on Fakes and Forgeries will commence at Royal Armouries Museum in March 2015. Know how fake armours were identified along with varied opportunities to get an intimate look at the fakes to handle and study.
Opening 07-Mar-2015 : Closing 07-Mar-2015

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Event Timings:
10:30 - 16:30 hrs