Haringey Box Cup 2015

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Venue : Alexandra Palace

Country : United Kingdom

Address : Alexandra Palace Way, London Borough of Haringey, London, England - N22 7AY

Industry : Sports

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Haringey Box Cup 2015, Europe’s one of the most admired and famous boxing events will soon get in action in London. Enjoy the nerve-wrecking competition between amateurs and established international boxers. It will feature over 300 boxers coming from Norway, Sweden, Switzerland and many more at the show. The show will welcome both male and female sportsperson, thus adding to the thrilling experience for attendees. Organized by the Haringey Police and Community Boxing Club, this competition will have more than 300 boxers competing for the title. The boxers will be from all over the world including countries like UK, Sweden, Norway, Switzerland, Belgium and Ireland. Witness this 3-day open boxing match and save a stay with hotels near Alexandra Palace. Get exciting accommodation deals at Exhibitioncentrehotels close to Haringey Box Cup venue.

Industry Sector
Boxing Tournament
Event Profile
Haringey Box Cup 2015 will feature remarkable open boxing matches. Over 300 boxers international boxers aged 17 and above will compete for the title. Save your spot at the venue and enjoy thrilling matches among your favourite boxers.
Opening 19-Jun-2015 : Closing 21-Jun-2015

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Doors Open at (19th June 2015):
18:00- 23:00 hrs

Doors Open at (20th June 2015):
12:00- 22:00 hrs

Doors Open at (21st June 2015):
12:00- 22:00 hrs

Event Tickets (19th June 2015):
£13.20 (£12.00)

Event Tickets (20th June 2015):

Event Tickets (21st June 2015):