How Now Mrs Brown Cow

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Venue : The O2- London

Country : United Kingdom

Address : Peninsula Square, Greenwich, London, England - SE10 0AX

Industry : Entertainment

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Get ready to hold your breaths as you won’t stop laughing! The award winning series by Brendan O’Carroll - Mrs Brown’s Boys will be in London. ‘How Now Mrs Brown Cow’ will be staged blended with humour and amusement. Experience a thunder of laughter at the venue when curtains will be raised from the hilarious comedy act. Enjoy the event as Brendan O’Carroll will get in action while fifth part of the series will be staged. Attend the incredible show which grabbed almost every other award from 2 National Television Awards to Scottish BAFTA to IFTA Award. Come with family, friends or business associates and relax your senses as you delve in the humorous acts. Secure a stay with accommodations near O2 Arena. Browse through Exhibitioncentrehotels to find best online hotel deals ensuring secure payment.

Industry Sector
Comedy Show
Event Profile
‘How Now Mrs Brown Cow’ will let you enjoy and relax a bit with comedy act by Mrs Brown Boys. Enjoy the fifth part of the hilarious series penned by Brendan O’Carroll.
Opening 07-Jul-2015 : Closing 11-Jul-2015

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18:30 hrs