International Congress of Immunology 2013

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Venue : Milano Convention Centre (MiCo)

Country : Italy

Address : Piazzale Carlo Magno, Milano, Main Entrance: from viale Eginardo (Gate 2) or through Piazzale Carlo Magno, 1 (Gate 17) - 1 – 20149

Industry : Hospital & Medical Industry

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International Congress of Immunology 2013 will focus on basic research and clinical applications in the most vibrant areas like biomedicine and immunology. Attend various seminars, presentations and workshops to know more about importance of immunologic research. The event will feature 52 lectures, 150 seminars, 100 workshops and much more. These programmes will be based on various topics like innate immunity, host-pathogen interactions, immune receptors, translational immunology, adaptive immunity and more. If you are coming from distant countries, book a stay with hotels near Milan Convention Centre. Grab this golden opportunity to network with leading immunologists, researchers and academicians during symposia and tutorials organised by several industries. Select from a wide range of lodging alternative near the venue and avail best prices at

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Immunology Conference
Event Profile
International Congress of Immunology will take place at Milan Convention Centre from 22-27 Aug 2013 in Italy. Explore human immunology, translational immunology, clinical immunology and immune intervention with leading immunologists.
Opening 22-Aug-2013 : Closing 27-Aug-2013

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