Barclaycard Arena (Formerly NIA Birmingham)

National Indoor Arena King Edwards Road, Birmingham

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Hotels near Barclaycard Arena

Located opposite the Sea Life Centre and next to the Birmingham Canal Navigations Main Line Canal’s old turn junction, Barclaycard Arena (formerly NIA Birmingham) offers a range of exciting activities and accommodation options. Explore historic houses, museums, cathedrals, shopping avenues and more in the area nearby Barclaycard Arena (formerly NIA). Wake up in comfortable surroundings and save a comfortable stay with top hotels in West Midlands.

Since its inception in 1991, the venue continues to be a home of some major concerts and sporting events in England. Make online hotel reservations at Exhibitioncentrehotels and secure a stay with one of the finest luxury hotels, inns, travel lodges and budget hotels near Barclaycard Arena. Our carefully selected list of accommodations mentioned below will suit differing needs of travellers coming for the events. Huge savings assured on most of the lodgings close to Barclaycard Arena available in top locations with magnificent views.