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Education Industry is the second largest industry, accounting for major employment in the world. This industry deals with educational training, academic advancements, educational services, job openings, retirements, and all the vocations related to learning and acquiring degrees. It also includes the department of art, business and occupation, which are just a distinct branch of trade. To promote excellence in this field, several events, conferences and meetings are organised all around the world. Find out what events are on schedule in various cities. Get complete information on these events, their organisers, and nearest lodgings to these venues. Exhibitioncentrehotels makes it easy to get the event details and make a booking with a suitable hotel. Easily join educational events, academic meetings and learn about the latest academic plans.


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The Cleaning Show 2017
14-Mar-2017 to 16-Mar-2017
United Kingdom
Anti-Ageing Health & Beauty Show 2016
14-May-2016 to 15-May-2016
United Kingdom
Dubai Drink Technology Expo 2016
8-May-2016 to 10-Dec-2016
United Arab Emirates
National Exhibition Centre - NEC  
Olympia Exhibition Centre  
Dubai World Trade Centre (World Trade Club)  
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May  2016
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