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This section is a guide to exhibitions, seminars, conferences, workshops and trade fairs related to science and technology. Where science is an art of building knowledge on the basis of tested explanations and facts, technology is the application of that knowledge. Combined together, science and technology is a huge industry that leads to the development of various machineries, equipments, scientific advancements, new medicines and techniques for curing plenty of diseases. Get to meet the industry experts and know about latest developments in engineering and medical sector. Also, know about agendas, participants, organisers and exhibitors for each event under this category. Join the science shows, technology shows, science events, science fairs, science conferences and meets organised in various countries all around the world.

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GISEC-Gulf Information Security Expo & Conference 2016

Dates :
  2-May-2016 to 4-May-2016 

Venue : Dubai World Trade Centre (World Trade Club), Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Industry : Science and Technology

The Gulf Information Security Expo & Conference (GISEC) will yet again commence in Dubai dedicated to information security. It will focus on ways of combating deadly cyber-attack and safeguard vital information. Attend talk sessions and panel discussions by keynote speakers including Mohan Raj, Hani Nofal, Ahmed Baig, Sandra Baer, Tareque Choudhury and many more. Get a chance to interact and associate with peers in the networking coffee breaks and lunch. Attracting over 136,000 attendees, the event will showcase products by global exhibitors including blackberry, CSC, bluecoat, cyberoam, fortinet, elearn security, juniper, stonestop and more. Explore products and feasible solutions incorporating oil & gas industry, legal, banking & finance, government and telecom industry. Mark your presence at the event and save a stay with hotels close to DWTC. Select from a wide array of lodging options available at Exhibitioncentrehotels.

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GISEC-Gulf Information Security Expo & Conference 2016
2-May-2016 to 4-May-2016
United Arab Emirates
Dubai Drink Technology Expo 2016
8-May-2016 to 10-Dec-2016
United Arab Emirates
Dubai World Trade Centre (World Trade Club)  
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