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Security & Protection industry includes everything directly or indirectly related to security. This industry addresses the security market, bringing the latest technological advancements and talks by security experts. The events, exhibitions and fairs listed under this section are effective programs dealing with security market, management practice, people’s questions and solutions by experts. Security is a common concern for everyone around the world. Learn to deal with threat from your personal level to international level. Equip yourself with the latest technologies and easiest application that make big differences. . Events under this industry are organised in various countries and their cities. Get complete information on the exhibitions of these industries to their venues, organisers, and participants.

Security & Protection

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Plastivision Arabia 2016
22-Feb-2016 to 25-Feb-2016
United Arab Emirates
European Seafood Exposition (ESE) Global 2016
26-Apr-2016 to 28-Apr-2016
Art Brussels 2016
22-Apr-2016 to 24-Apr-2016
Brussels Exhibition Centre  
Tour & Taxis  
Expo Centre Sharjah  
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February  2016
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