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Toys & Games is one of the major industries that include the production of toys for kids and games for every age group. This section offers information about various trade events, fairs and exhibitions related to gaming and toy production all around the world. You can find a wide range of products including dolls, dummy cars, board games, computer games and much more to give boost to your business or give a good learning to the children by picking appropriate toys. Meet the industry experts and get to know about the latest toys and games. Browse this list of upcoming events, organised in various countries. Also, know about agendas, participants, organisers and exhibitors for each event.

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Toy Soldier Show 2015

Dates :
  6-Jun-2015 to 6-Jun-2015 
  5-Dec-2015 to 5-Dec-2015 

Venue : Business Design Centre, London, United Kingdom

Industry : Toys & Games

The Toy Soldier Show 2015 will exhibit a wide range of miniature figurines available in various colours. Featuring figurines of historical personalities and soldiers, the event will attract thousands of visitors from all over the world. Explore a gamut of figurines available from 20/25 mm size to massive size statues. Find dealers exhibiting professional painting guides, collectable militaria, reference books and much more. Get your favourite toy soldiers and connoisseur figurines gloss-painted by experts. If you are reaching for the event from distant countries and regions, book a stay with finest hotels near Business Design Centre. Visit and get attractive accommodation deals close to the venue.

PAX Australia 2015

Dates :
  30-Oct-2015 to 1-Nov-2015 

Venue : Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre (MCEC), Melbourne, Australia

Industry : Toys & Games

The gaming community in Victoria will soon gather under one roof to ride-on its passion for games, animations and more. PAX Australia 2015 will take place in Melbourne this year offering a memorable escape into the world of entertainment. Enjoy live music, gaming area, competitions and various other activities during the show. Secure your spot as nerdy fans will vie for entry into the world for action and entertainment with PAX. Visit Console Freeplay area to witness and try special checkout systems created with ShoatEngine6000 for visitors. Get to the exhibition hall to have an encounter with numerous unreleased hardware and games. The show will thoroughly focus on gaming culture for promotion and encouragement among people. Meet new developers and publishers during the show to network for business. Interested people can browse through Exhibitioncentrehotels to book a stay with hotels close to Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre. Also, avail best lodging deals for your convenience on our website, in the vicinity of the event.

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Toy Soldier Show 2015
6-Jun-2015 to 6-Jun-2015,5-Dec-2015 to 5-Dec-2015
United Kingdom
PAX Australia 2015
30-Oct-2015 to 1-Nov-2015
Business Design Centre  
Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre (MCEC)  
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