DFA Media Ltd

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Organiser: DFA Media Ltd

Country : United Kingdom

Address : DFA Media Limited Cape House, 60a Priory Road, Tonbridge, United Kingdom - TN9 2BL

Tel : +44(0)1732370340

Email Id :    info@dfamedia.co.uk

DFA Media Ltd was established in 2004 as an organiser and business-business publisher. Ever since then, it is frequently organising high- end exhibitions and conferences, which appeal to the best minds of manufacturing industry. It produces websites, directories, magazines and meetings that bring forth the ideas of UK and European manufacturing sectors. Track its events scheduled for this year. Plan to join the upcoming events by booking for the event, and make an easy hotel booking near the venues. Meet the professionals who have complete understanding of their industry and who are responsible for its growth and database, at its B2B events.

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