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ECH (Exhibition Centre Hotels) aims at bringing the trade shows to the people of various business industries, interested in knowing about the upcoming exhibitions, trade shows, fairs or any sports or entertainment event from all around the world. Our aim is to communicate the scope and possibilities through these events. ECH brings exhibitions, organisers, venue service providers, and visitors together to connect themselves and help them find better prospects.

The listings on this site are well researched and screened before we bring them on the website. However, we do not own the responsibility or warranty of the accuracy or the completeness of the information brought to you here. ECH is not associated with any buyer or a seller exclusively. We just serve as link between the service providers and customers of the service.

Though we endeavour to bring you current and most useful information, we do not guarantee the accuracy, completeness, sustainability, and reliability of it. We do not assure that the information will be free of error, secure, useful or something to meet the user’s specific expectations. We do not take the responsibility if the website is temporarily out of services due to technical issues, situation being out of our control.

ECH shall display links that do not belong to it. Other parties operate such links and we have nothing to do with these links. These links are here for your convenience and support. These links are independent, even if they sport the logo of this website.

The information displayed on this website is for the sole purpose of spreading the information, and connecting the people who want to be associated with the event industry in any way. However, ECH only serves the people who support and comply with its Privacy Policy rules. All the information on this website is subject to change at any time.

We will not be responsible for any damages, or errors that arise due to Internet resource. If you have, any queries or issues related to data protection then please send us an email at

What Is A Cookie?

Cookies are generally small text file in encrypted form, which a web server stores on the web browser of your computer. Only this server can retrieve or read the contents and details saved on these cookies. Each cookie contains certain anonymous information such as an identifier, digits, site name, and numbers. A cookie enables us to check the website navigation and perform functions including:

  • Determine the number of users visiting this website and making sure that our site is functioning properly and efficiently
  • Examine how our customers use the website and provide improved services to them
  • Offer safe and secure services for online transactions
  • Identify items added to the cart and ensuring that you do not have to enter them at checkout

A cookie is a legitimate tool, which allows us to verify identity of web users.

Types of Cookies

Given below are varied types of cookies that are used for reliable and effective performance:

Session Cookies-These temporary text files expire when you close your web browser. We use these cookies to ensure that server connections are evenly distributed to offer optimal performance.

Persistent Cookies-We use these cookies to remember your actions and preferences taken while browsing the website. They remain in the cookie file of browser for longer than your visit the site.

First Party Cookies –ECH takes initiative to set these cookies directly, therefore not other website has any access to information present on them.

Third Party Cookies –They have separate permission to use these cookies on our website and record certain actions that you take on ECH website.

What Cookies Does Prom Venues Use?

Functional Cookies –We use functional cookies on our site to check the working of certain features such as custom content, cart, and check out. These cookies also enable us to:

  • Remember items you order in the shopping cart
  • Remember who is logged in at the time of making corporate bookings and amending or cancelling bookings
  • Remember search options like number of rooms, date, and occupancy so that there is no need to enter them for every search

We do not use them for advertising services and products to our customers.

Cookie List

  • ASP.NET_SessionId

Analytical Cookies – They allow us to measure the website performance including number or purchases, number of visitors, and number of errors. These cookies can also be used to:

  • Collect statistics about how people use ECH website
  • Identify and recreate any errors that may occur

We do not use them to advertise products and services to our customers.

Cookie List

  • __utmz
  • __utma
  • __utmb
  • __utmc

Third Party Cookies

Third Party Type of Cookie Purpose
Twitter Persistent (longer than 30 days) Used to promote the website and advertise the services and products on the social media market.

Controlling Cookies
You can alter your cookie setting using a simple process that differs between browsers. Here is how to access your cookie setting in various browsers.

Deleting Cookies
The process to delete cookies is simple and usually differs between browsers.
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