Hey..thanks for listing my event on your website...Got an amazing response this year!

Posted by : Valdemar Cook, United States Of America

Hi.. do you mind telling me if I can add an event from country which is not on your list??

Posted by : Festus Shaw, United Kingdom

I want to participate in the safety and health exhibition.


I would be grateful if you could email me an exhibitor pack for Pure London 2014, detailing all cost and setting up information. Thanks.

Posted by : Shaun Fallon, United Kingdom

Wow...Pure London is again on the list...will surely visit this year

Posted by : Kevin Adams, United Kingdom

I wanted to take my family to London for a holiday..I found 2 amazing events for my kids on your list, "In the Night Garden Live" & "Tree Climbing" and truly appreciate the info. Thanks

Posted by : Jemima Martin, United States Of America

Hey...when is Weekend Donna in 2014?? Really looking forward to it.

Posted by : Ailsa Edwards, United Kingdom

I really wish to add my event on your website. Do I need any special features in my exhibition. Actually, it is a footwear trade show taking place in Guangzhou in China.

Posted by : Hendrik Smith, United Kingdom

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Hi, can you please tell me what all do I need to get my event listed on your website? Is it paid?

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Posted by : Noah White, United States Of America

Your site is very informative. Being a fashion designer, I was looking for some international events for my niche…truly appreciate your info about fashion & apparel events.

Posted by : Aaran Mitchell, Belgium

I am planning to host an exhibition in London... can u suggest me which venue will be suitable for accommodating 3,000 visitors? Though, I have gone through the venues you have listed on your site, but I am confused between Earls Court Exhibition Centre and Olympia...are both easily accessible via transportation links?

Posted by : Benjamin Davis, United Arab Emirates

I really appreciate what you are doing....remarkable site...got what I wanted...thanks a lot :)

Posted by : Ralph Clarke, France

Hey...amazing website..but I would like to know if you are planning to put up events and exhibitions from Liverpool city or Nottingham???

Posted by : Rebecca, United Kingdom

Hi..i am an event organiser and I will love to see my events on your site..:)

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Wow...great info...thanx a lot..

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Posted by : Eileen Andrews, United Kingdom

London Film and Comic Con 2015
17-Jul-2015 to 19-Jul-2015
United Kingdom
Soccerex 2015
7-Sep-2015 to 9-Sep-2015
United Kingdom
Hong Kong Food Expo 2015
13-Aug-2015 to 17-Aug-2015
Dubai Crowne Plaza  
Berlin Exhibition Centre (Messe Berlin)  
Harrogate International Centre  
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